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  • Tasting Notes
  • Harvest Notes
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  • Roast Level: Light
    Aroma: Strawberry wine
    Flavor: Pineapple, blackberry, melted chocolate
    Acidity: Tart
    Body: Raspberry Jam
    Finish: Dark Chocolate Brownie

  • Farm:  Finca San Juan
    Region: San Jose, Caldas
    Altitude: 1600 masl
    Varietals:  Gesha 
    Harvest: January
    Production Method: Natural Carbonic Maceration

  • The incredible team behind the smash hit Don Ruiz is back with this scintillating full Gesha lot! José Giraldo and Jorge Correa utilized a natural carbonic maceration process - placing the full coffee cherry in airtight tanks - for 144 hours. The cherries were sundried and then placed in a mechanical dryer at 95 degrees. Why? The meticulous process imparts the coffee cherry with jammy fruit tones and a chocolate character - like a chocolate-covered fruit dessert! The duo's careful attention to detail does not allow fermented flavors to overpower the bright fruit.