# 18
"TOP 30 COFFEES OF 2022"

Coffee Review

"A deeply pleasing Tanzania cup, multi-layered and complete — richly sweet, deeply savory, spice-toned and floral."

Ken Davids, Coffee Review, June 2022

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  • Tasting Notes
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  • Roast Level: Light
    Aroma: Peach
    Flavor: Blackberry, passion fruit, fig
    Acidity: Lively
    Body: Cola
    Finish: Molasses

  • Farm:  Mimba Estate
    Region: Mbozi, Mbeya
    Altitude: 1400 - 1700 m
    Varietals:  Bourbon, Kent
    Harvest: July - October
    Production Method: Washed; sundried on raised beds

  • Set amid the plateaus and volcanic mountains of Tanzania's Southern Highlands, Mimba Estate is not far from the city of Mbeya. The area hosts multiple wildlife preserves and is home to one of Tanzania's most popular tourist attractions, the massive Mbozi Meteorite that fell to earth more than 1,000 years ago.

    Swiss immigrant Joseph Meila founded Mimba Estate in 1995. He initially planted about 250 acres and over the years has expanded the farm to almost 400 acres of coffee trees. During harvest the estate provides employment for more than 150 local residents. Meila believes increased coffee production could dramatically improve the region's economy, so he generously shares his expertise and knowledge with neighboring farmers.